Christian Comments

There are a lot of people, Christian and non-believers, who David Berkowitz has been corresponding with for years. They are The Friends of Hope. Here is what some of them say about David:

“I also know that you are an adopted son of our great Lord in Heaven and he will protect you. My brother I will, joined with my brothers and sisters, walk with you down this path. We have an opportunity to expose the schemes of evil and display the life altering, redemptive power of Jesus Christ.” Steven, Altadena, CA

“I heard your interview with Bill Meyer of Focus on the Family. I found myself totally absorbed with your testimony . . . What an encouragement!! Our God is certainly a gracious and merciful God!! . . . I felt that in your interview and in your journal entries that you really live out this Gospel day to day. This has caused me to stop and re-think how I live out my witness. I have been a Christian well over 25 years, yet I’m afraid that my day-to-day witness is lacking. My conversion was not as dramatic as yours, but my destination prior to conversion was the same. We should all be living witnesses to the glory of our Savior Jesus Christ, and I think you provide a good example. Yours is a ministry of encouragement.” Kevin, San Antonio, TX

“I have been reading your journal entries . . . this is wonderful! As I read, I could see the depth of your heart of compassion and love for the men in the facility with you . . . I believe your willingness to let this be on the net and available to all will be a tool in the Lord’s hands to bring others to him. I also feel this will help the church in understanding your heart and that you truly are a transformed, new man in Christ . . . sometimes I get really weary with the church giving you a hard time about your changed life. Do they believe God’s word or not? They are just passing judgment. God have mercy on them. My heart breaks for those who are in such bondage. They can be saved but someone like you can’t? Lord please open their eyes and set them free. David, you ARE a son of hope, who points to the ONLY Hope that your fellow inmates and the world has. There is no other way. Our wonderful Lord forgives all and heals all. My sin is no different than yours, cancer is no different than a headache. He understands the difference, but His unfailing, redeeming love is the same. We are all new in His sight.” Mary T., Akron, OH

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